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July 7, 2019  

Ahoy, Campers! Your Counselors Ninny and Alfonzo here, and welcome to week 5 of beautiful Camp Oasis! This week is more stories of camp, nerdly obsessions, and much much more! Also don't forget to enter our summer contest, only three weeks left to get your embarrassing summer stories in to our email inboxes!

June 30, 2019  

Ahoy, Campers! We have a special week of camp for you as we have a returning guest! The composer of our intro and outro music is here, the very talented 5tatic! This week we discuss letters from home, camp crushes, food, and more!

June 29, 2019  

Hello and welcome to part 3 of our 4-part series on 2008, where we celebrate the 10th anniversary of a notable year in cinema!

This week we look at the likes of Burn after Reading, W, and everything in between in these two months. So sit back, relax, and let us take you through the Fall of '08!

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Up next: The finale of our 2008 series!
June 23, 2019  

Ahoy, Campers! Couselors Ninny and Alfonzo here, back for week 3 of Camp Oasis! This week we talk families, share more stories around the campfire, and Vintage Stock finds! Now everybody gather 'round, it's time to salute the pirate flag!

June 20, 2019  

Hello and welcome back to The Film Room!

This week we continue with part 2 of 4 of our 10th anniversary coverage of 2008! Ranging from big hits like Iron Man to flopped-but-didn't deserve-to like Hamlet 2, to just-bad-and-absolutely-deserves-to-be-forgotten classics like Made of Honor! So strap in as we take a ride through Summer '08!

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We now have a website! Find the cast and more at

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Up next: Fall of 2008!
June 16, 2019  

Ahoy, Camp-goers! Your Counselors Ninny and Alfonzo here! Are you READY for week 2 of Camp Oasis? This week we talk summer fitness, Alfonzo has to eat some crow for the second time for a certain movie franchise, and we tell some more campfire stories! So gather 'round campers, let's have some fun!

June 9, 2019  

Ahoy, camp-goers! Counselor's Alfonzo and Ninny are back for another session of Summer Camp! This time around we have a whole two months planned for you! This week we look at summer movies and tell stories around the campfire! Welcome to Camp Oasis!!

May 11, 2019  

Ahoy, Shipmates! Welcome to another live voyage of the S.S. Alexander! This week in celebration of the end of the Spoiler Ban for Endgame, we talk freely about it and what it means for the future of the MCU! Also Captain Alfonzo just got transported to the Pokemon world this day for Detective Pikachu and wants to talk about the experience. So ready yourselves and set sail!

April 27, 2019  

Ahoy, shipmates! Your Captains Ninny and Alfonzo here! As Ninny has sailed up north this week, we bring you a prerecord! We have new art to unveil by talented artist Cat Dorothy (known as Caastles on Instagram)! We also talk (non-spoilery for the new season) Game of Thrones and other recent adventures in Nerd. Set sail with us!

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April 13, 2019  

Ahoy, Shipmates! In this special prerecord, Alfonzo and First Mate Dallas discuss some movie classics while in the Brig while Captain Ninny was (unbeknownst to Dallas) up on deck arranging Dallas's surprise party! So come join the diversio-,uh discussion!

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