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July 6, 2015  

Hello and weeelcome to the Ricky Rick takeover ah-hahaha

Wats this white dangly thing how does it work wayy does it make that clicking sound I JUS WANA oh there it goes

so wats new with you guys did you enjoy my episode?, I was star! Screw that manager guy i hope he naaaver come back from vacation

my frands and i never did go that burning criiime sppree I hope we do that in a latre episode, huuuuh?

anyways I listened to these guys talk about my episode, they obvously dont apreciate good entertainmet, but I guess you can listen to them anyway, is good publcity for my episode, just know THEIR WRONG

Anyways, enjoyyyy hahaha

Hey look its me only its not mee they used stunt double ahah

Oh hey these dorks have Patreon, go donate so they can give me more publcity
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