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August 6, 2016  

As you all know, we have opinions! But sometimes those opinions change and that's okay, nay, healthy! This week we take a hard look at our history of watching films to see if there are any that we've changed our minds on as we've grown a bit, positive or negative. Also why do we change our minds on things we used to like or hate? Join us as we delve into the mystery and clear some cobwebs.

WARNING: There be Game of Thrones spoilers! If you wish to skip them, they run from 55:44 to 57:16

Mars Needs Podcasts (On The Website of DOOM!) looks at The Force Awakens

The Edgar Wright-directed music video that's inspiring his next film!

A guide to Visual Comedy using Edgar Wright films

Austin, Amanda, and Lola Faye Shinn!

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