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February 7, 2016  

WELCOME to an episode that has been over a year in the making!

Our topic this week is the state of Christian film, and how it could be MUCH better. Austin, Albert, and guest Thomas Ostrowski call out a few of the worst examples, including the infamous God's Not Dead. We've also found the bottom of the barrel when it comes to both Christian film AND exploitation, so don't miss that. Please enjoy.

By bottom of the barrel, we of course mean the short Christian Red Scare film If Footmen Tire You, What Will Horses Do?

WARNING: This film is graphically explicit and almost made all three of us vomit. If you have a strong constitution, we feel it's very much worth a watch, however. Just beware and be prepared to look away when the word "eardrum" is uttered. Special Thanks to @FookThis for calling this film to our attention.

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