The Film Room Austin and Albert talk, often with friends, about our love of and taste in films good and bad. We are The Film Room!

February 24, 2015  

Hey there!

Welcome to our first official episode of 2015! First, a prelude. 
For the unaware, Albert had a medical emergency, for which he is still recovering. This has rendered us unable to put anything up on the official page for a couple months. Austin has been filling in with his 4Shared site with solo entries (some of which will show up here). We decided to go ahead and record our Best of 2014 via Skype regardless. Please Enjoy!
We tried to keep this as spoiler-free as possible (unlike the Oscars did- ahemGONEGIRLSPOILERSGODDAMMIT), because we want you to watch them.
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