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August 29, 2014  

Unfortunately the pretext for this episode is a sad one.

Lauren Dunn, Austin's good friend of 13 years, has sadly passed from this world as of August 25, 2014. She was a bubbly soul, an avid film buff, and was loved by all the lives she touched. The Film Room in part rose from the ashes of Austin and Lauren's previous podcast, The Brutal Kind. As such, we were going to have her on as a guest at some point. Immortalizing her in episode form is the closest we can do.

This episode of The Brutal Kind was lovingly chosen by Austin and his wife Amanda, features Lauren, Austin, and Amanda as hosts, and includes a newly recorded intro from Austin.

We hope you enjoy.

For time context, this episode was recorded April 18, 2012.

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RIP, Lauren
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