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October 18, 2013  


Hello and welcome to our bitchfes-er, discussion of M. Night Shyamalan's The Last Airbender. Boy have we been wanting to let off steam on this one for a while. What makes The Last Airbender SO frustrating? Is it the fact that it gets everything from the top notch show completely and hopelessly wrong? Is it the fact that the material was mangled by a once great up-and-coming director who lost his way? Find out within as we get airbent out of shape.

WARNING: Contains major film spoilers (whatever) and minor show spoilers.
Also Star Trek: Into Darkness spoilers from 21:17 to 23:28.

Opening the ending clips: Avatar - The Last Airbender
Opening the end music: Avatar - The Last Airbender credits

Zuko's barely visible movie scar comparison:

Cracked article and Shyamalan diagram (click here for article):

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