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February 23, 2019  

Ahoy, shipmates! Joining us today is Shipmate Logan!! This week in light of the news that My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic is ending with Season 9, we are looking back on the magic of the Pony fandom. Also, the retirement of Reggie Fils-Amie, new movies, and more!

February 16, 2019  

Ahoy, Shipmates! Your Captains Ninny and Alfonzo here to celebrate our second Shipping Day special! Yaaaay! *Kermit hand flops* We share some more internet Valentines, plus talk about nerd things (like always)! Come ship with us!

February 2, 2019  

Ahoy shipmates! Your Captains Ninny and Alfonzo here! This week we talk about sharing nerd things, and share a couple anime recommends that we've shared with each other. Ninny makes over Alfonzo's apartment, and Alfonzo brings in into the 21st century! Also of course our Top Ship of the Week! Join us!