The Film Room Austin and Albert talk, often with friends, about our love of and taste in films good and bad. We are The Film Room!

December 30, 2018  

Ahoy, Shipmates and Happy New Year! For this episode, your Co-Captains Ninny and Alfonzo are joined by recurring First Mate Dallas as we recap 2018 in nerd! We'll also look back on the first year of our channel's operation and throw back a little bit. Then ONWARD TO THE NEW YEAR!!

December 22, 2018  

Ho ho ho, Shipmates! Your co-captains Ninny and Alfonzo, with returning Guest Dallas here with lots of nerdy CHRISTMAS! With only a few days left before the big day, we are announcing our Christmas contest winners, sharing our own Christmas stories, and much more! Merry Christmas, everyone!!

December 1, 2018  

Ahoy Shipmates! It is December now which means it is that glorious time where it is now legal to put up your Christmas decorations! Your co-captains Ninny and Alfonzo talk about the unspoken spread of Christmas to the other holidays, Nightmare Before Christmas style. Merry December everyone!


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