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November 29, 2016  

Hello hello and welcome!

This episode is very special because - while it is not our first attempt - it is our most successful attempt at recording in person! Al went down to Little Rock to see Austin and Amanda for the first time since their wedding, and while they were all together, they recorded a 2-hour-long live episode!

This is basically a recorded version of Austin's Yearbook column, where we focus on the magical land that was 10 years ago. We do a broad sweep of ALL the major releases that year. Hear us dig up long-forgotten treasures, wax on the films we still love, and on films we don't love so well.

Enjoy this rare live cast! (It'll happen again in July.)

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November 28, 2016  

Well this had to happen. Austin finally gives his full thoughts on Batman v Superman. What exactly does he make of this odd, odd movie? Is it possible a movie is both really entertaining and really poorly made? Why the jar of ... you know? Find out. 

November 13, 2016  

In this special in-person minisode, we discuss Doctor Strange (which we also saw in-person)!

What, don't believe us? Here's a photo!

Full live episode to come!

For more of Shaun's thoughts on the racebending in Doctor Strange, follow his twitter feed: @NoTotally

November 4, 2016  

Editing! If done right, it's not something we actively think about while watching a film, but yet it can make or break the spell it casts over the audience. Who's behind this essential bit of film wizardry? The editor, of course!

We are thrilled to have with us this week John Wick editor Elisabet Ronalds, all the way from Iceland! We talk on a range of topics from the editing process, John Wick, the collaborative nature of film, favorite films, and much more! Join us!

Also be sure to check out Elisabet's next film, The Coldest City!

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