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July 20, 2015  

Welcome to torture!

At least we're not alone! This week we're joined by recurring guest Beck Poppins to talk about Zack Snyder's faux-feminist film Sucker Punch! This one has been a long time coming, and we vent like the wind. This of course wouldn't be complete without a contrasting good feminist work, so we also talk about the Soska Sisters' surgical slasher American Mary. So strap in, because it's gonna be a bumpy ride!

WARNING: Both films have themes of rape, which we do discuss at length. Heads up if you're sensitive to the subject matter.

Women in Horror Month Massive Blood Drive 2011 psa by the Soska Sisters

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Triple Vanillawhogivesafuck, welcome to the Emmy special!

Okay, it's not really a special since it's never going to win an Emmy, but we did double up! This cast covers episode 5: Ricky Rick Takes Over and episode 6: Triple Vanilla Sex (We are so tired of hearing that phrase). Wiseau surprise-released these episodes, so of course we're back with no break. Hopefully this time..


Also enjoy Ricky Rick's After Effects Abs™ (It's much worse in motion):

Hello and weeelcome to the Ricky Rick takeover ah-hahaha

Wats this white dangly thing how does it work wayy does it make that clicking sound I JUS WANA oh there it goes

so wats new with you guys did you enjoy my episode?, I was star! Screw that manager guy i hope he naaaver come back from vacation

my frands and i never did go that burning criiime sppree I hope we do that in a latre episode, huuuuh?

anyways I listened to these guys talk about my episode, they obvously dont apreciate good entertainmet, but I guess you can listen to them anyway, is good publcity for my episode, just know THEIR WRONG

Anyways, enjoyyyy hahaha

Hey look its me only its not mee they used stunt double ahah

Oh hey these dorks have Patreon, go donate so they can give me more publcity
July 6, 2015  

Hello! This our first Patreon-only incentive episode! It's a full episode that's very special, because it serves as the 3-year-earlier prototype for what you are listening to today!

What makes it extra special is it was recorded about an hour after we met for the first time in person (we had become internet friends 6 months beforehand), AND thus is our first ever recorded conversation! (Recorded August 2, 2010)

It's the last surviving episode of Albert's previous podcast, and thus is not available ANYWHERE else, making it a fully-produced lost relic.

You can listen to this fabled super-lost cast by becoming a patron for only $1 a month! Yeah! And that single dollar also gains you access to all future bonus content (we will have plenty!), WITH the added benefit of helping our regular cast branch out and do new things!

Don't worry, we'll still regularly put out full episodes of the cast for free (at least two a month), but your patronage lets us put in that extra kick that allows us to grow!

As always, thanks for listening and just being there!

July 5, 2015  


So here's the deal: we're expanding, and we need your help to do it! Our basic goal is to have the cast be self-sustaining, but we have plans to do so much more than that! We have goals and rewards all lined up that will to make this cast more worthwhile for you, our listeners! 

More details can be found in this minisode, but meanwhile you can find details here:

Thank you guys so much for listening, and we hope you'll enjoy all we have to offer going forward!

July 3, 2015  

It's been a while since we've done a topic cast!

This year has been a little sparse on casts, but we're on the fast track for the second half of 2015, so get ready! In tangent with our NOstalgia column over on The Film Room Lobby, this week we are talking Theater Memories! Albert and Austin reminisce about their theater experiences growing up, how the theater experience has changed in their lifetimes, and generally talk about their favorite pastime!

Here are our childhood and current theaters! (Each is a link to the theaters' page on Cinematour):



Batman Returns Teaser Poster:

Harry Potter 7 Part 2 Teaser Poster (one of many like this):

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Up Next: Sucker Punch!


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