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Welcome to Part 2 of The Neighbors Chronicles! Hellllp uuuuusss...

We document the second episode of The Neighbors Chronicles, thankfully shorter, thankfully (slightly restrained), with 1000% more catchphrase power. Also the Princess of England! So much to look forward to!

Re: The clip at the end - I swear to Christ it plays out as-is, I did not mess with it in the slightest.

Check those title graphics!
April 2, 2015  

Hey there! 

We soooooo wish we could actually watch these films, but.. well, we explain.

We hope you had as much fun as we did!

April 1, 2015  

We wrap up our week-long tribute to Galatea Films by reviewing their most batshit (or penguin-shit) film, Penguigeddon!

We've been waiting a LONG time for this one. We came upon this film (and subsequently the film company) when Austin found it advertised in a Russellville, Arkansas newspaper archive, reading "When the penguins attack, we all die!" Well, Austin was finally able to track down a bootleg copy of the film, and what emerges is a fucked-up lost piece of film history that you have to see to believe. Unfortunately we couldn't include clips due to a deal with the mostly reclusive filmmakers, BUT we hope you have fun hearing us try to describe the experience!

Embedded soundtrack: Lost Themes by John Carpenter
End song: "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" by Alice Cooper

We were also able to secure copies of Galatea's other works, mostly thanks to Ezekiel Breckenridge. (We were told to destroy them immediately afterwords, but we're at least able to talk about them.)

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