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February 22, 2014  

Hello and Welcome!

This week, Austin and Albert say farewell to the Video Store by sharing their greatest video store memories. They happily talk childhood rentals, detail the history of the video release, and generally reminisce about a disappearing past time, all while looking to the future.

So hit rewind with us as we send a love letter to the Video Store!

Cartoon All Stars To The Rescue:

Winnie the Pooh - Too Smart For Strangers:

McTreasure Island:

Hardware Wars:

Closet Cases of the Nerd Kind:

Bambi vs. Godzilla:

Porklips Now:

Killing Michael Bay:

Still operating video stores:

Family Video in Kansas City (and other locations)

Unfortunately we have learned that one of the stores we originally mentioned in the record has now closed its doors forever. RIP, Starstruck Video

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February 13, 2014  

On a happier note, Austin and Albert went to see The Lego Movie and HAD to share their thoughts!

How did this type of movie escape a major Hollywood studio? I have no idea, but maybe FILM CRIT HULK knows (Click here for his article). (WARNING: His analysis is super duper spoilery, so read AFTER having seen the movie.)
February 13, 2014  

RIP, Phillip Seymour Hoffman

Your amazing legacy was cut way too short.
February 9, 2014  

Welcome.. to the MIAMI CONNECTION!

That's right, Austin and Albert are back with shiny new microphones, and they get to add another So-Bad-It's-Awesome movie to their arsenal! They discuss Miami Connection, a strange Drug Dealing Ninja vs Tae Kwon Do Club Band story form the 80's by Y. K. Kim, a Grandmaster Martial Arts instructor. And by 80's we REAAAALLY mean 80's! Mullets, denim, synthesizers and all!

Get ready for an unforgettable experience!

Have an awesome poster:

Y.K. Kim's Reddit AMA (A highly recommended read)

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