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June 20, 2013  

Welcome to another Lost Tapes edition of The Film Room!

This time we gaze into a mouth-shaped deep, dark abyss; we watch David DeCoteau's A Talking Cat!?! (punctuation not ours), a family film that features notable actor Eric Roberts as the titular talking cat(!?!). Did we mention it was shot on the same set as some (extremely) soft core porn? By the same director? Did we?

After tumbling down the no-budget no-effort film hole, we try to climb our way back out by thoroughly picking it, and the importance of base filmmaking, apart at the seams.

This is The Whimsical World of Mary Crawford!

Opening Song: I'm a Stupid Cat! (Buy on iTunes)

A Talking Cat!?!: The Movie: The Tumblr

A Talking Cat!?! is The Room of anthropomorphic animal movies - Onion AV Club 

Onion AV Club interviews Eric Roberts

Laine Perez's Twitter (Great riffs)

Bronies: The Extremely Unexpected Fans of My Little Pony (Documentary) 

Antisocial Commentary on Geek Juice Media

Red Letter Media's Half in the Bag: Jack and Jill Review

Look how similar all these actors look. JUST LOOK! How confusing!

This picture doesn't even fully convey the cheapness of the talking effect. See below for video!

Video of the talking "effect"

Video of Duffy getting "healed"

Closing Song: La Cucamaracha - TNN

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Next Time: GOJIRAAAA!!!!

June 9, 2013  

In this extended-length cast, we talk book-to-film adaptations! What makes a good adaptation, and how do they work? We look at six unique examples of adaptations that worked for different reasons, and harp on some that didn't work.

This is: Based on the Novel by..

Contains Spoilers for: Watchmen. Jump to 49:14 to avoid Watchmen spoilers.

Nostalgia Critics "The Grinch" review

Austin's Scott Pilgrim vs. The World review

Albert's Website of DOOM! column "My Popcorn is Stale"

The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy Radio Series 2 (follow similar YouTube patterns (2.1, 2.2, 2.3, etc) for the rest.)

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Next time: A Talking Cat!?!


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