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April 25, 2013  

This week, Austin and Albert pay tribute to the great Roger Ebert and the legacy he left, forever changing the way we watch and analyse movies. We share our favorite Ebert memories, as well as other critics that inspire us. Then we talk at length about Jurassic Park 3D, will the all wonders it holds. This is Two Thumbs Up!

Cast Links:

Your Movie Sucks by Roger Ebert

Roger Ebert vs. Rob Schneider

Life Itself by Roger Ebert

That Guy With The Glasses

Nostalgia Critic's Siskel and Ebert Tribute and Farewell to Roger Ebert

Red Letter Media

Reel Opinions by Ryan Cullen

B-Movie Message Board

Film Brain's Projector and Bad Movie Beatdown

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RIP, Roger Ebert.

Next: A Fish Called Wanda

April 11, 2013  

Oh boy..

This week Albert and Austin tackle both the lowest and highest points of Ben Affleck's career. That's right, we suffered through Gigli, and now it's time for you to SHARE OUR PAIN. But! There is hope at the end of the long tunnel as we also discuss, compare, and contrast it with the triumph that is Argo, aka Best Picture of 2012. Join our emotional roller coaster as we take a look at the worst and bring it back around to the best! This is Great Afflecktations!

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Next time: Roger Ebert and Jurassic Park 3D


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